Social Media Optimization

With out Social Media Optimization, Most often our clients complaining that they are doing everything correct from all possible perspective but still they couldn’t get enough likes/members/followers than the “x” account. From our experience we know this problem usually occurs once the account itself is not optimized in proper way.

Social Media Optimization

Lets say for example if you are looking for a doing better than the page which is ranking high in Facebook for the term “Epicor Service in Qatar” or the keyword “Digital Marketing Qatar” and if you are not putting the 3 keywords digital, marketing and Qatar along with some relevant synonyms like Doha, SEO etc. on the page title you are never going to be loved by Facebook. Learn more


Because all of these social media sites are handcrafted to automate most of their ranking tasks. So there are different algorithms for different social media sites. Facebook and Twitter doesn’t have the same algorithm but both of them do the same task. So there are some common genre we can follow to boost the rankings. Putting keywords inside of the title, description, tags, hashtags etc. helps a page rank on high in their own platforms.

Hence whenever a visitor search using the terms like said before “Digital Marketing Qatar” or “Qatar Digital Marketing” possibility is that the page would come first and beat all other competitors. Just tweaking using a simple method often drives thousands of traffic in a week or two.

So along with branding activities technical optimization plays such an important role too. Here is a short list of what we do to optimize your social media. Off course we are not going to reveal all of our secrete sauce which in the end can be used against our clients and they would face unsolicited competition.

Features of Social Media Optimization

  • We optimize title, description, post tags, pins, hashtags, post contents etc. for feeding the internal search engines for better ranking of our accounts.
  • Whenever we come out with a new or an existing social media accounts first of all we start socializing. We run paid campaigns for more members and in this way we increase page activities which in the end helps to boos page rankings.
  • We increase likability by creating brand new and interesting contents. We never aggregate contents as we thing even though it is helpful for ranking but it often hurts the business itself. Moreover DMCA report against a reputed company might do heavy damage if any dodgy competitor wants to get most out of it.
  • We let our niche partners to syndicate our contents and mashup so the growth time increases not only through the social media platforms itself but also through search engines, blogs etc. too.
  • We engage with our valued spectators multiple times a day by using bit-sized contents along with occasional long contents. In this way slowly we increase the momentum.
  • We just don’t emphasize only on the famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr etc. rather we search for local popular forums and community to showcase client’s business and to accumulate all possible leads.
  • We know how to reuse contents to combat with decreasing ROI. We do it in a fashion so that our spectators often do not notice the repetition and even if noticed they don’t get bothered on that.
  • We reach famous local bloggers and account owners to occasionally advertise our page for driving all possible traffic. Contact us for more