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Network Product Supplier : Welcome to Synergy Technology, the premier reseller of Ruijie’s cutting-edge ICT solutions in Qatar. Ruijie, a global leader in the industry, is dedicated to integrating technology for digital transformation and value innovation across various sectors.

With a strong global presence, a team of over 6000 employees, and a vast network of 20000 partners, Ruijie has established itself as a trusted brand. Backed by substantial investments in R&D, their extensive product line includes switches, routers, wireless solutions, cloud services, security systems, gateways, IT management, and authentication & accounting.

As your preferred reseller, we offer competitive pricing and provide access to Ruijie’s superior technology. Experience the power of Ruijie’s Access Control, Switches, Routers, and more as we deliver unmatched networking solutions in Qatar.

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In 2006, Ruijie made a significant breakthrough by introducing the industry’s first patented enterprise-grade routers, marking their entry into the IP data communication market. Over the course of 11 years, Ruijie has demonstrated sustained development and innovation. Today, their routers play a crucial role in backbone networks, Internet gateways, and key sectors such as finance, education, and government. Ruijie’s carrier-grade design and comprehensive solutions support diverse scenarios, including access, aggregation, core, and mobility. Experience the reliability and versatility of Ruijie routers, empowering seamless connectivity and robust network performance. Contact us for more

Aggregation Routers
Access Routers

Network Switches

With a rich history as one of China’s pioneering switch suppliers, Ruijie Networks offers a diverse range of full-featured switch series designed for data center and campus network environments. Ruijie switches have gained significant traction across multiple sectors, including Internet, finance, network operators, government, education, enterprises, and healthcare. Experience the reliability and versatility of Ruijie switches, trusted by industry leaders for seamless network performance.

Simplified Optical Ethernet Switches
Data Center Switches
Core/Aggregation Switches
Access Switches

RuijieWi-Fi 6 Revolution

Ruijie Wi-Fi 6 merges a broad range of technologies together, including professional radio frequency technology, scenario-oriented & adaptive array antennas, AI deep learning, WIS 3.0 for big data modeling, along with our unique high-reliability full-stack network protocol.

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Indoor Access Point Series
Wall-mount Access Point Series
Optical i-share+ Access Point Series
Outdoor Access Point Series
Wireless Controller Series
Reyee Indoor Access
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Reyee Wall Access Point
Reyee Wireless Bridge

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