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NEC Supplier in Qatar : Welcome to Synergy, your trusted supplier of genuine NEC PABX and IP PABX products in Qatar. As a reliable retailer, we offer a wide range of NEC solutions to meet your communication needs. In today’s rapidly evolving world, digital transformation is crucial for businesses, governments, and society as a whole. At Synergy, we understand the importance of embracing this transformation, and our NEC products provide the cutting-edge technology required for seamless communication. Trust us to deliver reliable and innovative NEC solutions that empower your business for the digital era. Learn more

NEC SL2100

Experience the NEC SL2100, a cost-effective solution without compromising quality or features. This feature-rich system is designed to grow with your company, ensuring scalability. Choose from a variety of phone options, including Desk Phones with advanced call handling keys, modes, and superior audio quality. Enhance mobility with the ST500 smartphone application, providing the flexibility today’s businesses demand. Embrace the power of the NEC SL2100 for seamless communication and productivity at an attractive price point. Contact us


NEC SV8300
NEC SV8100
NEC SV9100

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