Social Media Accounts Management

Synergy offers Social Media Accounts Management service for both existing Social Media Accounts or for new build accounts. If you are keeping your own social media accounts in renowned social media sites but wasn’t able to leverage the account for remarkable amount of fan or member activities then we can help you in three different ways. Learn more

Social Media Accounts Management

We can provide consultancy, we can take control of the account and finally we can delete the existing one and start with a brand new one. For existing social media accounts which are not getting enough members and engagement we usually do extensive research to find the pitfalls first. After understanding the business process and targeted traffic category we build a 6 months long social media marketing roadmap.

We usually start with unique contents and paid members. Also we put a dedicated marketing spokesman who represents all the necessary information in front of the social media visitors. He/she often replies to the quarries made by the enthusiast fans/members. Also we collect member’s emails and bulk email to them regarding your business and latest activities.

This four way rapport usually boost the member’s activity within couple of months. It takes nearly six months to one year to give the real momentum. Once the momentum is generated just don’t keep on doing whatever we were doing before. We always try to come up with new innovations so that our spectators don’t get bothered and feel the account tedious rather interesting. For social media account management we do…

Our Social Media Accounts Management

  • We create visually awesome contents. We tailor unique and supreme quality articles. But before all we do comprehensive research on the business process, products to be marketed, client psychology and culture of the community. Then our craftsmen makes plan and carefully chose even the colors for the promotion. Using lots of blue for a safety first provider company is never really a good choice rather red sheds and yellowish accent which effects on psychology a lot. So we are choosy. We chose every single marketing strategies and carefully put the jigsaw bricks in right place to solve the puzzle.
  • Each account is assigned to one dedicated marketing spokesman who communicate with account members through messages, status, tweets, bolgs, emails and often do verbal communication by providing them his/her phone number.
  • We don’t afraid to eliminate old posts to cut down them on clutter which we find offensive, mischievous, malicious and useless for the account and company reputation.
  • We collect email addresses of the members and send mass email to them for enhancing views and social engagement.

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