Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an art of increasing presence of websites mostly in three major search engines Google, Yahoo and Being. Depending on keywords once the webpage is shown within top ranked pages the probability of getting high quality traffic increases.

To optimize websites we usually do two things. Onpage and Offpage optimization. Learn more

Search Engine optimization

Probably Synergy is the first and only Qatar based company which knows how to get backlinks from relevant niche websites without spamming on them. For SEO we earn backlinks rather building artificially.

We do believe it puts us 10 steps ahead than our competitors. We know every legerity of Onpage optimization which even many SEO companies still not aware of at all!

To leverage a website we use our own tool and check every gut of a website to meet the quality so that the site will get love juice from Google and other required platforms.

Our search engine optimization technique is fully white hat. So that our clients always stay on safe sides. We do real hard work to bypass any quality check by Google either by releasing filters, updates or even doing manual reviews.

As a remarkable number of our clients are based on Qatar and Doha and their target audience are mostly local so often we create Arabic contents right from the scratch. In this way we ensure two things.

First of all is considering the site for Google’s Qatar edition. Secondly we are aware of local trends.

Many of the local citizen and even expatriates love to write and browse in Arabic. So if the deployed contents goes to them they would be able to meet with the company in their own desired language.

So we are not only ranking your site in Google but also we are enhancing your online appearance within all possible convenient ways.

So our SEO service is something more than just increasing ranks in search engines. While we do optimization we find and solve the pitfalls of your website, earn reputation from niche sites and manage your online presence using high quality contents. Contact us for more