Firewall & Enterprise Antivirus

Firewalls, both hardware and software, protect computers from hackers and other online threats by blocking dangerous pieces of data from reaching the system. While hardware firewalls offer network-wide protection from external threats, software firewalls installed on individual computers can more closely inspect data, and can block specific programs from even sending data to the Internet. On networks with high security concerns, combining both kinds of firewalls provides a more complete safety net.

We take care of all the installations and support part for the firewall in Qatar through our trained and experiences engineers. Due to the nature of the requirement we do ongoing support for your purchased firewall appliance and will offer consulting for the integration and future upgrade plans.

Antivirus solutions started with desktops, then servers. Centralized management and repositories followed quickly due to the demands of the developing enterprise. Today’s enterprise antivirus solutions are designed to handle sophisticated threats and support more endpoint devices. We offer Enterprise client / server antivirus solution to our valued customers to protect their business data from IT security threats.