ERP Project Management

ERP Project Management : The project of installing hardware & software, implementing new software, converting data, training users, configuring the network, fitting the product to the application, etc. can be a series of daunting tasks. Ownership of this responsibility does fall on the shoulders of the in house administrator (project manager), but the Synergy’s Project Manager can reduce the pain involved in moving toward that go live date. They are familiar with the Epicor Signature Methodology and have years of experience. They have seen most of the mistakes that can occur and can help users avoid them. Learn more

ERP Project Management

Synergy’s ERP Project Management Resources

Our consultants are all skilled, experienced ERP implementation project managers. We can assist our client with in any of the following capacities:

  • Project Manager. A Synergy Consultant can fill the position of Project Manager. In this position, Synergy will manage your staff and the ERP vendors to achieve an on-time, on-budget implementation. Our Consultant will be on-site 100% of the time. Clients request this service when they find they do not have a manager they can assign to this role.
  • Project Manager Assistant. A Synergy Consultant can fill the position of Project Manager Assistant. In this role, the our Consultant assists the Client Project Manager with project management duties. The Consultant will be on site one (1) to three (3) days per week. Time requirements will vary based on how much time the Client Manger can give to the project.This service is require by our client when they have an internal manager, but the individual cannot devote 100%, and therefore needs an experienced assistant.
  • Business Team Leader. Our Consultant can fill the position of Business Team Leader. Each ERP project requires several functional team leaders. An example is a Financial Team Leader. This individual leads the client staff through the implementation process. The Consultant will be on site three (3) to four (4) days per week. Clients request this service when they do not have an individual that has the time or the ability to lead a functional team.
  • Project Advisor. A Synergy can fill this position. In this role, Synergy provides advice and counsel to the project committee and project team throughout the project. The Synergy Consultant will be on site two (2) to four (4) days per month. Clients request this service when they have qualified a project manager, but want to maintain our experience and knowledge into the implementation. Contact us

Our ERP Project Management Services

Project planning

  • Organizing roles and responsibilities
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting requirements
  • Data conversion plans

Communication and reporting

  • Weekly meeting management
  • Issues log
  • Project budget
  • Project reports
  • Steering committee meetings

Project monitoring

  • Issue resolution
  • Budget
  • Vendor performance
  • Core team performance
  • Our services are designed to support the client’s responsibilities in the implementation.