Email Marketing

We design opt-in boxes and downloadable contents for Email Marketing and collecting potential clients email addresses. We are capable of running several multi-layered email marketing campaigns using GetResponse, MailChimp and our in house developed bulk email sender tool. Learn more

Email Marketing

We design pretty yet informative newsletters to deploy and advertise our client’s business. Typically an email marketing campaign is usually run by at least 6 months to 1 year. During that whole time we regularly collect emails from various sources and send emails regarding company’s latest activities, goods, projects, offers, services etc. in a regular interval. Here is the complete list of our email marketing service.

Our Email Marketing Services

  • We build pleasant opt-in boxes along with popups (limited to specific CMSs and frameworks).
  • Our team create downloadable contents to hypnotize visitors for subscribing the newsletters.
  • Collect relevant email accounts from various sources including the subscription and social marketing platforms.
  • Setup strategy for time and week days for sending emails and continuously send emails to the subscribers and niche specific clients.
  • We manage any possible queries from the recipients end write back or call back to them for engaging the possible client with the service provider company.
  • Synergy never sale the emails to competitors collected for a client.
  • We use the emails for disaster management and reputation recovery.

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