Website Development

Synergy Technology Solution is providing website development service using nearly 5 different CMS and 3 web development frameworks. We use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SqareSpace, Magento, Mezzanine, phpbb and punbb CMS for developing fast and scalable websites. Also we build fully hand crafted websites using Python, PHP and ASP frameworks. Our websites are based on MVC frameworks so that later can be easily customized and rebuild by any third party web develper company. We use Django, Flask, Bottle, Zend, CakePHP, Laravel etc. framework for our websites. Before deploying the websites on live servers we use benchmarking tool for acid testing the sites for minimal trouble shooting, maintenance and inconvenient user experience. Above all our developers are ready for any kind of adjustment/customization/addition or subtraction requested by the client’s. We also provide user manuales and short but poripurno training for logging in the website, user administration, advertisement management, blogging and content syndication. Here is the services at a glance…

  • CMS based website development
  • Online message board and social media website development.
  • Corporate website development
  • Ecommerce website development
  • Websites for SMBs and personal marketing
  • We acid test the websites before deploying to the live servers for better security, scalability, security and user experience.
  • We perform additional tasks for adjusting the websites according to client’s requirements.
  • We provide short but complete demonstration on the website administration, content updating, advertisement management, visitor filtering and content syndication.
  • Upon request Synergy also do AMC (Anual Maintenance Contracts) specially for managing online community management websites like online forums, social media sites, ecommerce sites etc.