Website Design

Good websites help to grow business. Especially in this 21st century when professionals use emails more than phone calls. Synergy has a dedicated team of web designers who design aesthetic websites with such architecture which is convenient for both search engines and site visitors. We do extensive audits on a business and research audience psychology before designing a website for getting the best out of the online user community. So each of our projects start with a custom web design. We make sure the website is looking and working great in nearly all internet browsers and mobile devices.

We use bootstrap for rapidly designing dynamic and appealing websites. We also design websites according to the given mockup by our clients. For handcrafted websites we use HTML5, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, node.js technologies. We develop WordPress, Joomla and Drupal themes too.

Our web design service at a glance.

  •  We design websites from scratch and never copy past the same design for different clients. So each of our clients enjoy completely unique and exclusive design which keeps their online branding one step ahead.
  • Websites are compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Torch, Maxthon, SeaMonkey and all other major web browsers.
  • We design responsive websites which run well inside default android and iOS browsers along with all major smart phone browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera mini, Opera Coast, UC browser, UC mini, Dolphine, Ghosteri, Link Bubble, Puffin, Mercury, Safari etc.
  • We avoid using flash and JavaScript as much as possible so that our websites are rapidly indexed by Google and all other search engines.
  • We create polished and professional logos, intuitive navigation, professional photographs, easily readable and fonts across all browsers and platforms.
  • Unlike all traditional websites where home pages are considered as only landing page our webpages are designed in a way where every single page can be used as single point entry landing page.
  • Our websites are tested using different machine, monitors and different browsers before deployment.
  • We always keep CTA button on the top side of the website for easy and rapid access.
  • We use CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) for decreasing site loading time.