Our solution provide bundle of reports in all module which helps you to make better business decisions with the utmost confidence.With a range of analytic capabilities that are integrated with all modules, you can address all of your BI needs and provide agility to your business with an enterprise application.

Our Solution includes access to the following:

  • Master Listing
  • Payslip Printing
  • Salary Statements & Ledgers
  • Cash Denomination Report for Cash Disbursement
  • Overtime Reports
  • Payments & Deductions Expense Reports
  • Loans and Advances
  • Bonus Ledgers
  • Employee Salary change, Reviews & Appraisals report
  • Document Status Report
  • Document Issue/Receipt Tracking Report
  • Asset Status Report
  • Asset Issue/Receipt Tracking Report
  • Annual & Normal Leave Ledger
  • Monthly Accrued Liability report
  • Gratuity provision & Gratuity Ledgers

And Many more !